"Knowingly arcane, with a wink in its eye, and steeped in UFO lore and occult esotericism, this low budget sci-fi excursion feels influenced equally by David Lynch, Wim Wenders (particularly in its use of wide open American spaces) and Michael Laughlin, with traces of his 1981 Strange Behavior. 


First time feature directors William Darmon and Christopher Ernst shot it on a shoestring, although one is rarely conscious of that: it’s more consistently gorgeous to look at thanks to Ernst’s pro lensing, and more pleasant to listen to, due to Drew O’Doherty’s fine score, than perhaps any American film budgeted at this level. And the special effects remain effective and convincing enough to offset evidence of limited production resources.


The gonzo narrative, courtesy of the imaginative Darmon, who scripted, keeps us consistently involved. The last sequence catches the audience off guard and delivers a wallop, delivering on the promises that the movie has set up. As Kael might have said: it’s pleasantly bonkers."

Nathan Southern

   Film critic 'Southern on film'